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Defining the Customer Experience



Remote Work The New Reality - 2020 Update


The Best Service is No Service 2018 DC Capital Area Final.pdf


Professional Associations - Board Recruitment

Volunteer organizations live or die by their members dedication. Most volunteer organizations are run by a board, and the challenge across every industry is the same - the continuous need to recruit and maintain volunteer leaders.

Knowledge 2018

Where are Service and Support Organizations headed in the next 3 years?

HDI2015 LinkedIn Session

Build Your Brand!

HDI2015 Self Service Session

Session given at International Conference on Service and Support.

Knowledge, the Walking Dead, and IT Support

Over the last several years, there has been a surge in zombie movies, television shows and themed events, with the AMC hit, "The Walking Dead," which, once we move past the Emmy-winning gore, prosthetics and special effects, is remarkably like life in IT Support. 1 - IT issues are like Zombies; as fast as we wipe them out, they come back. And they keep coming. Waves and waves of them.

The Hidden Gem of Poor Engineering

A few years ago, I experienced a customer service saga with my brand-new, big screen, flat panel television. Shortly after I installed the TV on the family room wall, the remote reprogrammed itself so that several times a day, the Increase Volume button would cause the TV to turn off. To the company's credit, they quickly sent out a technician, who replaced the entire guts of the TV as well as the remote, but unfortunately did not solve the issue.

Customization is Part of Life

Your agents practically live in your contact center’s CRM. Brandon Caudle covers the three levels of customization that should be considered for making them feel at home. We customize every facet of our life. Let’s face it, when it comes to how and what we eat, drink, wear and use, we want it our way.

Darth Vader Works At My Help Desk

I’m pretty sure that I have a Han Solo or two on my support team, shooting from the hip and swashbuckling their way through the IT galaxy. There are definitely a few Storm Troopers – you know the type – precision accuracy, never run away from an issue, just attack it and keep gong, no matter what happens and no matter who dies, and, yes, they are all clones and seem exactly like the 37 other technicians who they replaced.

Hdi Customer Service Week 2009 Save The Customer, Save The World

Cus·tom·er (kŭs'tə-mər) noun - a person Who purchases goods or services from another Origin: 1400–50; late Middle English. The word historically derives from custom, meaning "habit" • 35% of all e-mail inquiries to companies get no response within 7 days • 25% get no response at all • 96% of dissatisfied customers don’t complain…they just stop buying.


Bran-don Cau-dle [bran-duhn ka-duhl]

Noun (singular), Origin: late 1960’s or early 1970’s, originally from the Deep South, also spotted on the Left Coast.

Veteran of the Service and Support industry, for over two decades has been found resolving complex issues requiring skillful leadership and a robust knowledge of infrastructure, applications and systems. Previously found in the U.S. Army. Anecdotally known for capitalizing the word ‘Customer’. Usually seen influencing organizations through Customer Experience Programs. Hobbies include optimizing processes and seeking an elevated Employee Experience. Fluent in KCS, ITSM and Spanish. Widely suspected of erring on the side of the Customer.

Fun Fact: His favorite yoga pose is Savasana.